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Travel Medicine

What is Travel Medicine?

Travel medicine is a speciality that deals with health management and prevention of diseases for people travelling to international countries. It includes various disciplines such as public health, infectious diseases, wilderness medicine, high altitude physiology, tropical medicine and appropriate immunisations.

Planning an international trip?

Staywell can handle all your travel medicine needs. We offer travel vaccines and medications based on your individual risk. We stock most vaccines and medications in house. Additionally, some vaccines may even be covered by your insurance.

Importance of Travel Vaccines

Travel vaccines are important because they:

  • Prevent you from getting and spreading diseases
  • Protect you from serious illnesses that are travel-related
  • Help you stay safe and healthy during and after travel
  • Stop you from bringing any serious diseases home
  • Help safeguard public health

How Far in Advance do You Need Travel Vaccines?

Vaccines need to be given well ahead of travel time to ensure complete protection against illnesses. Ideally, it is advised to get the travel vaccines you need at least a month before your trip. This ensures the required vaccine series is completed, and your body will have adequate time to build up immunity. Even if you are a last-minute traveller, there may be options for getting the vaccines you need. This can be discussed with your healthcare professional.

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